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Welcome to Know Your Appliance, A place where you can come to get information on what you need to do to maintain your appliances to run for decades. You should not have to buy a new appliance every 5 to 10 years (unless you are so entralled by those pretty appliance commercials with all types of features you don’t need). Like a car you need to do regular maintanance on your appliances (although not as often as your car). If you don’t maintain your appliance you can expect the same performace and result as not doing regular maintanance on your automobile.

This site will also dedicate itself to appliance reviews, not only of the standard kitchen and laundry appliance, but also of the non common appliances such as countertop and more mobile appliances.


My name is Gary and I have been an appliance technician for over 10 years, mostly working inside the very homes of the customers who own their appliances. People do not know that they themselves can prevent 1/2 the problems that they face with these machines. The revelation I see on people’s faces when I show them why their appliance is having problems stuns me sometimes, but i repeatedly tell myself that the comapnies selling these appliances do not make it plain that people cannot just have a “set it and forget it” attitude with them. It is not in the best interest of the major appliance companies to give you that information so I will give it myself.


Appliance repairs are very expensive, for those without a warranty the costs of parts and labor can come out to hundreds of dollars for repairs. Even if you have a warranty you may go days or even weeks without your fridge, dishwasher or some other needed appliance in your home, a major inconvienience.


Besides what is stated above, the major goal of this website is to teach you how your appliances work, and this goes past your knowledge of just puching whatever button you need to run it. This webiste will teach you how and why your appliance works the way it does. What this website will not teach you is how to make any major repairs on your appliance, but feel free to leave comments on any post and ask any question. You may give me ideas for a new post topic, or you may get a referral to a place to help you self repair, or you may just get a “hire a technician” response. I will assist you in looking for a technician in your area to help if you need that.

Let’s keep your appliance in tip top shape

All the best,

Gary Davis